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Your Instructor: Kitty Vadini

I have practiced yoga for 15 years. My interest in body and movement started young  while I was a gymnast. This lead me to an interest in health and nutrition as well as a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Bowling Green State University.


I received Hatha & Yin Yoga training from Yoga Oasis in Charlotte, NC under mentors Elaine Parker and Lee Foster. I received additional Yin Yoga training from teacher Pauli Zink at Chicago Yoga Center.


In yoga we teach the student to move in synch with breath and awareness while transitioning from posture to posture, building strength and flexibility.


Thank you and see you on the mat soon!

About Our Classes

We strive to create classes that suit every body that walks in the door. All postures can be modified and we will walk through postures, step-by-step.


Below are some key elements of our class style:

      • Classes include yoga practice in which muscles are engaged in postures to promote strength & balance (Hatha) and yoga practice in which stretching postures are held for several minutes to promote connective tissue/fascia health (Yin).
      • Simple breathing techniques are used to enhance the practice
      • There is no chanting or “OM”ing
      • All classes are for beginners as well as those more experienced
      • Yoga postures can be modified to accommodate any level student


For class we suggest the following:

      • Yoga mat
      • Yoga clothes or comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement
      • You may want to bring water
      • You may want to bring a towel

The studio has blocks, straps and blankets if needed.